Vocational Learning

Improve skills, improve business

Improve skills, improve business

To succeed commercially, your customers and members need new recruits to be prepared for their role and for their workforce to continually improve. But this is a resource-hungry task. Digital Assess provides online tools to swiftly gauge what learners are capable of and accurately assess skills with minimal disruption to the day job. Know more.

Measure deep learning

We don’t just allow you to tick boxes. We’ve designed our digital tools with the ability to assess deep knowledge for both formative and summative learning, even on practical activities that require subjective judgement and measurement of ‘soft’ skills. Find out more about our Adaptive Comparative Judgement feature

Gauge knowledge in the round

Digital Assess neatly captures the learning process and feedback in a single digital portfolio, presented in an intuitive storyboard format. An apprentice’s six-week construction project, for example, can be recorded using a combination of video and audio files as well as text documents. Assessors get to see the student in the round and employers can be confident that new starters have the knowledge to do the job – and can apply it.

Create new efficiencies

When it comes to professional development, we understand that time away from the job impacts finance and productivity. Courses using Digital Assess make it easy to upload and access work and grades in a single digital portfolio on the go, which can then be shared with employers or potential employers. Our technology also creates a clear trail for exam audits from accreditation bodies. The ability to sample coursework on-screen, instead of by visiting centres, reduces travel costs and saves time.

Improve productivity beyond the classroom

Picture this: an agriculture student uploads a video of herself felling a diseased tree; a music teacher adds comments on student’s musical composition within a particular bar of an audio file. Access to our work portfolio via tablets and smartphones is vital for vocational learners, so that they can build up coursework on the go: in the studio, in a field or at the workshop. And connectivity doesn’t present a barrier – work is automatically uploaded when users are back in range of the internet.

Improve skills, improve business

How it works.

  • Capture A window to the whole learning process
  • Annotate Give constructive contextual feedback
  • Collaborate Team up, engage, attain
  • Measure Assess with razor-sharp reliability
  • Manage Smoothly manage coursework and accreditation

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“Working in partnership with Digital Assess, our aim is to ensure that we have a range of online assessment tools that are efficient, high quality and also easy to use. Our partnership provides us with these capabilities and we are looking forward to delivering a number of our vocational assessments through this platform.”

– Charlotte Bosworth,
Director of Skills and Employment, Oxford,
Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR)