Dr.Harjit Sekhon

Coventry University

Dr Harjit Sekhon, MA, MBA, PhD is a Reader, having spent more than a decade holding various leadership positions within the University. These roles have ranged from leading setting up and leading a department to holding a cross-University role. Since entering academia, after holding various marketing research and marketing posts in the UK financial services sector, he continues to take a keen interest in developments in financial services. His particular areas of interest cover areas such as trust, fairness, professionalism, and excellence in financial services. In a wider services sense he has a keen interest in modelling productivity. While holding various leadership positions he has published numerous articles on the topic of services marketing/management. These papers have appeared in various conferences and marketing journals of national and international repute as Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Strategic Marketing, and the European Journal of Marketing. Previously he was the Associate Editor for the International Journal of Bank Marketing.