Distance Learning

Improve learner retention

Improve learner retention

We understand the obstacles you face when it comes to administering distance learning and Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). Conducting assessment online can be tricky and keeping learners interested is a challenge. Our digital toolbox was developed so you can create compelling rich-media, interactive course material, enable collaboration with co-learners and assess work easily online. Start tackling course attrition rates. Know more.

Let learners connect

Distance learning and MOOCs are solitary experiences. Our technology invites learners to collaborate easily with others on their course, giving them perspective, a chance to reflect and gain a better understating of the subject matter. By exposing learners to the work of their peers, and allowing them to think critically, learners gain a deeper understanding of assessment criteria.

Cater for wide-ranging styles

We all learn differently. Adapt to different learning styles with video, audio, texts and mind maps. This helps tutors to gain a deeper insight into what your learners understand and more importantly, how they apply knowledge. We’ve designed our product to allow for subjective judgement on creative projects, because multiple choice doesn’t always cut it.

Scale up, scale down

Whether you offer short-term MOOCs or longer distance learning courses, we’ll help you to handle large swings in uptake of students, vital for courses that don’t have a fixed start date. Cloud-based technology lets us scale up and down again immediately.

Integrate with existing platforms

Save additional development and costs. Digital Assess easily integrates with MOOCs and distance learning platforms that are compliant with the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. Simply log in to get started.

Assess digitally, more thoroughly

With scope for more than just multiple choice questions, Digital Assess is ideal for both summative and continuous assessment. We help you to capture the outcomes of learner tasks and productive skills from a single, structured digital portfolio of achievements built by distance or MOOC learners, presented in an intuitive, ‘storyboard’ format. You can assess more accurately than ever with our unique Adaptive Comparative Judgement feature. Find out more.

How it works.

  • Capture A window to the whole learning process
  • Annotate Give constructive contextual feedback
  • Collaborate Team up, engage, attain
  • Measure Assess with razor-sharp reliability
  • Manage Smoothly manage coursework and accreditation

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“Current approaches towards assessment remain poor at measuring and capturing vocational abilities, as well as a broader array of soft skills…. Companies like Digital Assess have put a lot of thought behind developing an approach to overcome this challenge. As a result, many organisations and institutions will now be able to benefit from a more efficient, practical and reliable way to assess the skills of the future.”

Professor Richard Kimbell
Assistant Principal of Learning and Development,
Director of the Technology Education Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London.