Competency Based Education

Supercharge Your CBE Programs

Supercharge Your CBE Programs

Enhance and streamline the delivery of your CBE and PBL programs by leveraging the features embedded in our innovative product suite, designed specifically to address the evolving needs of this emerging sector. Digital Assess can help your institution quickly introduce authentic and meaningful assessment into your CBE courses, streamline the capture of workforce skills via media-rich portfolios, boost student attainment and motivation, improve retention rates while significantly reducing delivery costs. Easily integrate the Digital Assess Platform into your CBE Ecosystem.

Product Benefits


Reduce Attrition, Boost Revenues

Reduce attrition and attrition-related revenue losses, boost annual revenues by engendering a more engaging learner journey.


Improve Retention and Attainment

Increase retention through timely and personalized data-driven learner intervention.


Boost Employability

Empower your learners’ to demonstrate their mastery of complex organizational, social and communicative skills, skills that are highly valued by potential employers, via media-rich portfolios.


Gain Federal, Regional and State Accreditation

Gain and maintain your accreditation status by introducing authentic and deeper assessment of competencies.


Exceptional Assessment Accuracy

Assess workforce and higher-order skills with exceptional accuracy using our revolutionary adaptive comparative judgement tool.


Customizable and Configurable

Support any competency-based assessment framework, assessment rubric, assessment criteria hierarchy and grading, regardless of structure.


Minimize Assessment Ambiguity

Minimize assessment ambiguity by facilitating the direct referencing of competencies and assessment criterion to supporting learner evidence.


Reduce Costs

Substantially reduce your implementation and delivery costs with our wide-ranging functionality and competitive pricing.