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Supercharge your business.

Supercharge your business

Centres rely on you to make sure their courses run smoothly – you’re the engine behind their business. To keep the engine well-oiled, your qualifications must enrich the learning process and be simple for centres to administer, assess and verify so that learners get the optimal learning experience. Digital Assess makes you more efficient with accurate, credible tools for assessment. Know more.

Speed up turnaround.

Digital Assess simplifies workflow between you and your centres, including managing qualification specifications and notifying learners without delay. Everything is stored in one secure location online, accessible through a single intuitive interface. You get a clear view of the whole workflow and centres can submit digital coursework within seconds – no more paper; no more printing; no more postage.

Be more transparent

You need to be confident that your customers assess work against robust standards. We provide a simple, consistent approach to measuring the application of knowledge, even in creative, open-ended projects. Digital Assess provides assessors, verifiers and moderators with tools to give feedback digitally on learners’ progress. Drag and drop assessment criteria into individual pieces of digital evidence and demonstrate exactly how learners have met learning milestones. And you’ll be creating a clear audit trail from start to finish.

Reduce time-hungry mistakes

Let Digital Assess take away the hassle created by common mistakes in marking and submission, saving time and cost for you and your centres. Everything is securely submitted and tracked online, so coursework won’t go astray. You define submission windows and marking rules, meaning that you’re much less likely to receive incorrect or incomplete submissions. Do it all online from a single application that allows you to track submission progress in real time – no need to wait for centres to submit evidence.

Get a richer view of learning

Gain deeper insight into what your learners really understand. Our tools capture evidence of the whole learning process so your customers get a thorough view of learner progression at every stage of a course. Assessors, verifiers and moderators gain a richer, more meaningful view of learners’ ability to apply newly-acquired knowledge, including evidence of ‘soft’ skills that are essential in the workplace.

Bring assessment into sharper focus

A full trail of the assessment workflow gives you peace of mind and, during an appeal, undisputable evidence of achievement. On the assessor side, Digital Assess gives your customers insight into performance, so they can quickly identify learning obstacles, step in to take action and improve attainment.

How it works.

  • Capture A window to the whole learning process
  • Annotate Give constructive contextual feedback
  • Collaborate Team up, engage, attain
  • Measure Assess with razor-sharp reliability
  • Manage Smoothly manage coursework and accreditation

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“Historically, managing student coursework involved centres marking bits of paper and sending them for verification or managing disparate files within complicated Learner Management Systems, leaving opportunity for work to get missed, costing the centre time and money. We embraced the advantages of modelling the process digitally. Digital Assess has revolutionised the way we support learners and centres and allowed us to offer learners more flexibility in the way they take the qualification. It’s a change in mindset”.

-Alison Pearce,
Sector Specialist, Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations