Past events

  • Federation of Awarding Bodies Conference 2016

    October 20-21,2016
    Leicester, England

    FAB is an excellent Awarding Organisation industry event, covering policy, learning, assessment and general innovation.

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  • Adaptive Comparative Judgement for Online Grading of Project-Based Assessment – Webinar

    June 1
    Melbourne, Australia

    Presenter: Professor Richard Kimbell (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

    The webinar will both present and engage with ACJ, explore the problems it solves for both summative and formative assessment and highlight the benefits it offers for peer to peer review with a focus on raising awareness and transforming assessment.

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  • AO-Forum 2016

    April 21
    London, England

    An invaluable opportunity to see how others are running their AO operations and hear the latest from the regulators. The AO-Forum is presented in collaboration with the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

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  • ASU GSV Summit 2016

    April 18-20,2016
    San Diego, California

    Bringing together the most impactful people from diverse constituencies: entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators, policymakers, philanthropists, leading district superintendents and principals, and university leaders to create partnerships, explore solutions and shape the future of learning.

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  • e-Assessment Question Conference 2016

    March 16-17,2016
    London, England

    The focus for the 14th annual international e-Assessment Question will be the future – where the technology is taking us and how we will get there.

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  • Kinses 2016 Symposium

    February 27-28,2016
    Dubai, UAE

    “Global Trends; Local Realities” – thought leadership Symposium on Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in Education.

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  • Assessment Tomorrow 8th E-Vocational Conference 2015

    November 19
    Leeds, England

    The take up of e-Assessment is increasing world-wide. Educators, trainers, Government Agencies and test providers are actively engaged in developing technology based assessment solutions that enable them to provide robust, reliable, flexible assessment for students and employees.

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  • AELP Learning Technologies & Expo

    November 5
    London, England

    AELP Expo is aimed at raising awareness of the benefits and opportunities of the use of technology for blended and mobile learning, e-assessment and cloud computing.

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  • Educause Annual Conference 2015

    October 27-30,2015
    Indianapolis, Indiana and Online

    The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference offers an innovative and informative program, provides an opportunity to build your professional network, and allows you to learn, reflect, and engage with colleagues from around the world.

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  • Assessment Institute 2015

    October 26-27,2015
    Indianapolis, USA

    The Assessment Institute in Indianapolis is designed to provide opportunities for (1) individuals and campus teams new to outcomes assessment to acquire fundamental knowledge about the field.

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