Digital Assess Gets $3M to Provide Evidence-Based Assessments

June, 2015

Digital Assess Gets $3M to Provide Evidence-Based Assessments

Digital Assess Gets $3M to Provide Evidence-Based Assessments

As reported on Edsurge – June 8, 2015 DIGITAL ASSESS: Education Investor reports that London-based startup, Digital Assess has raised $3 million from “new and existing shareholders” that include Nesta Impact Investments. Founded in 2003, Digital Assess, as its name implies, offers a suite of online assessment tools used by vocational, higher-ed and accreditation institutions to capture the entire learning process through the use of digital portfolios. More details from Tech City News.

More details from Tech City News.

Digital Assess has secured a $3m injection of funds as it looks to expand its evidence-based assessment technology business to learners and workplaces worldwide.The company saw a 97% increase in assessment technology revenues last year and with $3m of additional funds being injected into the business, the company is pushing ahead with developing into new markets and continuing to deliver innovative assessment and learning outcomes.

The company’s innovative technology supports learning at all levels – including formal education, e-learning, vocational and workplace training – and helps to better prepare learners with the skills demanded by modern workplaces. Digital assessment technology was recently recognised by analyst firm Gartner as a key innovation set to impact the education market. Dan Sandhu, chairman and CEO of Digital Assess, said: “We have a great education pedigree and are working with some of the largest education and vocational brands to solve some the key issues facing educators, assessors and learners alike. Intuitive and engaging products are at the heart of what we deliver. Our innovative technology is delivering strong benefits to businesses and educators. The support from existing and new stakeholders is a great validation of our technology, the market opportunity for Digital Assess, and the difference it will make in supporting learning. I have great confidence in our team, and believe that we really can make a difference to how evidence based assessment is carried out both in the learning and vocational environments, equipping learners with the skills they need to succeed.”

Digital Assess enables accreditation bodies; vocational and distance learning providers; the higher education sector; and workplaces to better measure and evidence practical skills. Users can harness the technology to uniquely capture a complete learning process, not just a snapshot at the end of term. It enables peer to peer assessment and also offers a unique assessment tool, utilising Digital Assess’s adaptive comparative judgement algorithms to deliver measurements with a very high level of reliability.